Follow the footsteps of Paul Delvaux


Coffee and boterkoek (‘butter cake’) in a coffeehouse in Veurne or Koksijde.


Guided tour of the Paul Delvaux Museum (closed on Mondays). The unique collection of paintings, drawings, lithographs and prints by this internationally acclaimed painter shows the artist’s appreciation of women and his wistful yearning for trains and stations.


Lunch in a Veurne restaurant.


Guided Paul Delvaux walk in the city centre, with a visit to the Sint-Walburga church, the market square, the city park and the cemetery.


After this, we can relax and enjoy a tasty regional speciality: Veurnse Meringuetaart with a cup of coffee, either inside or on a terrace if the weather permits.

17h30 End.


Françoise Vanfleteren
+32 58 33 55 34