Veurne specialties

Meaty treats

Veurnambachtse hesp: a ham with a flavour that is unrivalled, cured to a traditional recipe. Delicious with farmhouse bread or in a salad.

Veurns potjesvlees: the ingredients of this potted meat delicacy are chicken, veal and rabbit. The meat is cooked in a bouillon with a hint of vinegar and then left to cool. Veurns potjesvlees is eaten cold, with bread or in a salad.

Veurnse Potjesvleeskroket this meat croquette contains all the ingredients from ‘Veurns Potjesvlees’ or ‘Potjesvlees van de Westhoek’. Chicken, veal and rabbit, but also the lemon juice, vinegar and white wine that make our Potjesvlees so special.

’t Veurn’Artje, an artisan, meaty bread roll how grandmother used to make it, with Veurne Sporkin beer.

Veurnse worst: Veurnse worst is not just any white sausage! After all, it’s made from pork and veal, and can be eaten in many different ways. Cold, in a sandwich or on farmhouse bread. Grilled, with salad and a dip with bread or fries.

Pâté van Beauvoorde: this pâté is made from liver, neck meat, eggs, milk and spices. It is perfect with crudités, but also delicious on toast with an aperitif. Also very tasty in a farmhouse sandwich!

Sporkinpâté: the legendary hero Sporkin was the inspiration for this pâté. It is great served with bread or as an appetizer.

Sweet treats

Veurnse Meringuetaart

Veurnse kletskoppen: these crispy biscuits are made from brown sugar, flour, butter, almonds and hazelnuts. Kletskoppen are the perfect accompaniment to a hearty cup of coffee or to garnish an ice cream dessert.

Veurnse haantjes en vriendschapsuiltjes: biscuits made from shortcrust pastry or flaky pastry, in the shape of a cockerel, the symbol of the harvest festival in Veurne (formerly Oogststoet (Harvest Procession), now “Veurne Anno 1900”) or in the shape of an owl. Spread with butter and enjoy with a cup of coffee.

Veurnse vlaaien: crispy pie with apples, quite a recent invention but definitely worth sampling.

Beauvoordse wafels en pannenkoeken: these waffles and pancakes are made in the “Pannenkoekenhuis” in Beauvoorde. The waffles are becoming more and more famous.  

Veurnse babelutten: very well-known and much-loved, these sweets are made from Veurne sugar, glucose and lots of butter.

Veurnse Slaapmuts sweet flaky pastry. The Veurnse Slaapmuts is recognised as a 100% West-Flemish regional product.

Cheeses and other dairy products

Artisan cheese at De Moerenaar: Moerenaar herb cheese, Paterskaas, Cobergher & Cobergher Light, Cabour, Moerengoud, Moerduvel, ’t Moerland, Molenkaas, Lucifer, ‘t Pikantje, Sporkinkaas, Marjolein-Look, Veurnse Notenboom, Gouden Carolus, Tintoretto (Italian herb cheese), Brie de la frontière and Saint–Georges.

Artisan cheeses at De Beauvoordse Walhoeve: ’t Zandeke, Blanche and ’t Zandmanneke, De Wulveringemsche, De Bryarde, Waldam, de Koppige Vent, de Vinnige Boerinne, Pimpaljoentje, and a wide variety of herb cheeses, farm cheeses and diet cheeses.

Haflinger Merriemelk (horse milk) and related products.


Regional beers

Boetelingbier, 6.6% amber beer

Karel Coggebier, 7% brown beer

Veurns Slapersbier, 9% amber beer

Veurns Sporkinbier, 7% amber beer

Nieuw Bulskampnoare, blond or brown beer